Describe the Significance of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail and his I Have A Dream speech.

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When was it written, what was the letter about, why did he write it, to who, what is his argument- analysis of its importance to the Civil Rights Movement

During the beginning of April 1963 while King was in jail after he was arrested at a protest, he began to write a 7,000 word letter depicting his opinion about “the nation’s religious leaders and more moderate-minded white Americans”. He criticized them for watching and doing nothing as him and other African Americans risked their lives to promote change in America. King stated in the letter that “justice too long delayed is justice denied”, illustrating his argument and feelings on the lack of social and racial equality in the United States. It is important to the Civil Rights Movement as he questioned those opposing desegregation, therefore bringing inspiration to citizens across America. This helped promote equality in America and gain more people in the movement.

March on Washington- who organized it, what was the objective- Was it achieved?

The March on Washington occurred on August 28, 1963. The march was organized by A. Philip Randolph and his associate Bayard Rustin. It was known as the March for Jobs and Freedom, and more than 200,000 black and white Americans showed up to the march to protest the stalling of the Civil Rights Act in Congress. The objective was to bring awareness to the importance of racial equality and show the strength of communities, both black and white, and how they could put their differences aside to join together in “a harmonious event”. The March on Washington was most definitely a success and their objectives were achieved through an illustration of togetherness and peaceful assembly.

I Have A Dream Speech- what was his message, who was it to- analysis of its importance to the Civil Rights Movement

MLK’s message in his “I Have a Dream” speech was too shed light on how the “Negro is still not free.” This illustrated how Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted to say that African Americans need voting rights and equal rights in all aspects of American life. He was calling out all of the people who were against desegregation and equal rights for African Americans, stating how the United States would benefit from integration. MLK’s speech was important to the Civil Rights Movement as it created a whirlwind of opinions equating “the civil rights movement with the highest and noblest ideals of the American tradition, allowing many to see for the first time the importance and urgency of racial equality.”

Opposite of Non-Violent

  • Malcolm X- who was he, how did he appeal to African Americans, how did he think African Americans should go about securing their rights?

Malcolm X was an African American religious leader and nationalist. He appealed to African Americans as he stated that they should “defend themselves against white aggression ‘by any means necessary.'” He encouraged young African Americans to defend their rights and try to find confidence inside of segregated America. He thought they should go about securing their rights through violence and any necessary means of action.

Black Panthers- objectives, beliefs, actions

The Black Panthers Party’s objective was to secure equal rights for all races. Their main belief was a “belief of international working class unity across the spectrum of color and gender”, which meant that they not only worked with other African American groups, but they also worked with white revolutionary groups. They created a capitalist economic system through influence by Marxism. They protested segregation using militaristic means by going in fully armed, protesting weapons laws and racism.


The knowledge that will stick with me from this standard is that even when MLK ws in jail, he was able to write a letter and protest segregation whilst he was in jail. The fact that he could still fight for what he believed in all while being punished for righting for what he believed in is inspiring. THis relates to the world today because MLK made such great steps in the fight for equality and at the same time, inspired so many others to continure his fight. Without all of his efforts, many of the rights African Americans have today may not exist.


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