Analyze Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Worker’s Movement


Who is Cesar Chavez?

Cesar Chavez is known as a prominent leader and labor organizer. He was a union leader and allied with organized labor. In 1962, he founded the National Farm Workers Association.

United Farmers Workers Movement – Why was it created, objective, was it successful

It was originally created to protest against grape growers in California, as growing these grapes was hard laborious work that created issues for many of the workers. The objective was for the grape growers to notice the union and create better conditions and less racism for workers, as Chavez was one. They were successful as they finally got “twenty-six Delano growers [to] formally signed contracts recognizing the United Farm Workers and bringing peace to the vineyards.


The information that will stay with me is that Cesar Chavez actually had to protest grapes and their growers because of the conditions and environment the workers were put in. That’s honestly a little ridiculous. It still applies today as many people work under harsh conditions and many have strikes in order to protest things such a these.


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