Explain the importance of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and the resulting developments; include Earth Day, the Creation of the EPA and modern day environmental policy


Rachel Carson –  who was she, what was her book, Silent Spring about, how did it prompt legislative action – explain Earth Day

Rachel Carson was an author, ecologist, scientist and in 1962, she wrote a book called Silent Spring. The book was about her challenging agricultural scientists practices and the government. She did this in order to try and change the way people viewed the natural world. In 1963, she testified in front of Congress to call for new policies that protected human health and the environment. This eventually led to Earth Day, where students and other people go out and become educated about the planet and how to protect it.

NEPA – what was NEPA, what does the EPA set out to do

NEPA or National Environmental Policy Act was enacted in order to protect the balance and encourage safe productivity between person and environment. The EPA or Evironmental Protection agency tries to create ways to enact NEPA and put it into action in order to create and healthy environment for the people and the planet.

Major environmental policies that EPA is in charge of now

The EPA is now greatly involved and in charge of air quality, energy efficiency, ecological processes/impacts, pollution protection, special appropriation grants, and many more. The EPA is in charge of mostly all of the ways that we keep our planet clean and safe.


The information that will stay with me is how much the EPA actually does and tries to keep the people and environment safe on Earth. This relates to today because just the other week, Donald Trump signed an order to expire the EPA later this year, which may or may not greatly effect the environment.




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